Law of Attraction Energy Work


This is energy work done on you in a very relaxing and healing environment to assist you in attracting what you want in life. Using a mixture of healing energies along with some Egyptian Shamanic practices, this is very powerful energy work that creates a magnetic effect around you, but also goes deep in the core of your energy to help work toward positive manifestation!

You will also be given Law of Attraction tips to help you maximize this new energy effect and get you on your road to success!

This type of energy work can help you attract many things in numerous areas of your life, such as prosperity, love, career, family, reputation, public perception, relationships, lifestyle, peace, etc. The list goes on. You tell me what you’d like to attract (it can be multiple things) and that’s what we will focus on during the energy work.

Add Law of Attraction Hypnosis for even more added benefit!