If you are like most people struggling with their weight, you’ve tried diet after diet, sometimes losing a small or significant amount, but then gaining it right back. This is a constant struggle for most and can be a cause for much mental and emotional anguish. It really doesn’t matter how much weight you lose, if the old subconscious habits that caused the weight problem aren’t changed, you will put it back on over and over again. It’s an endless cycle. This is why hypnosis is the best way to change your body and keep it looking the way you want. Lose the pounds and actually keep them off? Yes! My weight loss programs are designed to start working quickly so you can take the weight off safely and naturally and keep it off for good.

My unique approach to hypnosis weight loss incorporates the very latest hypnosis techniques and some new ones I have developed myself that have really helped my clients become so successful at shedding pounds. The hypnosis sessions deal with the various underlying issues that led to your weight gain to begin with and that are currently holding you back. We knock these issues/barriers down with a giant hypnosis wrecking ball! Then we give you the proper subconscious foundation you need to stand up, take charge and start shedding those pounds!

With hypnosis, you will be given the tools for you to be in complete and total control of your life and your weight loss goals. You will be the active participant in this journey to a thinner, slimmer you.

I offer 2 different approaches, from which you can choose or we can implement at mixture of these into your customized program.


  1. Gasteric Band Surgery through Hypnosis (Thinner Band Hypnosis®)
    This is an 8 session program that truly shows the power of mind over body. Through this program, we convince the body that it has undergone a gasteric band surgery and your body begins to act as if it did! You can reap all of the benefits of gastric band surgery without the invasive surgery or risks involved! This method does not require a diet or exercise program. Click the link above for more detailed information on this program.
  2. The Fat Shredder Program
    This is a program of usually 6 sessions, which is designed to get to the root causes of your weight gain and past struggles with weight loss. These core issues are discovered and then released through a series of very powerful hypnosis sessions that will allow you the pave the way toward success as the new you emerges. Within this program, we also tackle cravings, eating habits, portion control, motivation, self confidence and stress management. This program is fully customizable to suit your exact needs and situation. It is a truly powerful program of progressive change, healing and success as you watch the fat begin to melt away and stay away.